Samples positive for CWD from depopulated deer farm

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health received positive test results for chronic wasting disease (CWD) this week after depopulating a Winona County deer farm first identified with the disease in November 2017. All seven of the remaining white-tailed deer in … Continued

Minnesota Board of Animal Health releases annual report

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health’s 2017 Annual Report concentrates on its slogan, “Healthy animals for healthy people and communities.” It was a busy year with many notable efforts to protect animal health: responding to the swine disease Senecavirus A, … Continued

Chronic Wasting Disease discovered in Winona County farm

Routine disease sampling has led to a positive CWD test result in a three-year-old white-tailed buck from a Winona County farmed herd. The Minnesota Board of Animal Health confirmed the results with the USDA, and has already quarantined the herd … Continued

Disease not detected in latest round of CWD tests

Minnesota’s only currently quarantined farmed deer herd in Crow Wing County continues testing deer harvested on the farm for Chronic Wasting Disease. The latest results released by the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory did not detect CWD in deer tissue samples. The … Continued

West Nile Virus confirmed in Polk County horse

West Nile Virus has been diagnosed in a 33 year old American Quarter Horse mare in Euclid, Minnesota. The attending veterinarian reported that on October 9 the horse presented with incoordination and exhibited weakness in both hind legs. The horse … Continued

Canine influenza back on list of reportable diseases

At the request of veterinarians and the public, the Minnesota Board of Animal Health placed canine influenza back on its official list of reportable diseases; it was previously removed in 2016. Reportable diseases are those with the potential to negatively … Continued

Stearns County deer herd released from quarantine

Two farmed deer in Stearns County tested negative for Chronic Wasting Disease. The Minnesota Board of Animal Health received the negative test results last week and has since released the herd from quarantine. The herd had been quarantined since the … Continued

Biosecurity is a year-round responsibility

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the first case of highly pathogenic avian influenza in a Tennessee commercial chicken breeder flock on March 5. Although the response and containment was quick and successful, the incident highlights the need for producers … Continued

No Chronic Wasting Disease in Board's latest test results

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health received negative test results for Chronic Wasting Disease on five white-tailed deer it traced out of an infected herd in Merrifield, Minnesota. Four of the deer were tested from a herd in Brainerd, and … Continued

A year of progress: 2016

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health’s 2016 Annual Report revolves around themes of progress and protection. Focuses of the year include: a new executive director, a renovated Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory (MPTL), new leadership in partner agencies, the discovery of … Continued