News Release

For immediate release: July 1, 2016

Contact: Michael Crusan

Commercial Dog and Cat Breeder Law finishes first year

113 commercial breeders currently licensed with the Board

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the new laws regulating commercial dog and cat breeders, which are overseen by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health. In the time since its inception, the Board has been working with the state’s commercial breeders to license and inspect their facilities.

A commercial breeder is someone who owns 10 or more adult intact dogs or cats that produce more than five litters annually. Breeders have to pass an initial inspection to become licensed, and subsequently pass annual inspections to maintain it. Board staff check 26 points of compliance during an inspection, focusing on areas like maintenance of the facilities, standards of care, and record keeping. Breeders also have to work with a veterinarian to establish an approved veterinary care program.

“This relatively new law has allowed us to reach out to dog and cat breeders around the state and work together to uphold our mission of safeguarding the health of Minnesota’s domestic animals. We’ve also worked with county and local governments to ensure this new state law is in sync with local ordinances. It’s been a successful first year,” said Program Director, Dr. Paul Anderson.

Find a full list of licensed commercial breeders and details about dog and cat related health issues on the Board website,