Livestock producers and the Board have worked together over the years to eliminate diseases like pseudorabies, swine brucellosis and bovine tuberculosis. In order to continue safeguarding animal health, we are working to increase the efficiency and speed at which animals can be traced in Minnesota.

The Board is working with livestock producers and organizations across the state to increase awareness of the importance and necessity of official animal identification. When a disease investigation occurs, animal health officials need to be able to trace affected animals quickly to ensure diseases are eliminated and the impact on Minnesota’s industry is minimized.

As part of this work, the Board requires import permits for cattle and bison entering the state.

Import Permit Requirements

Information that will be collected and required in order to obtain a free import permit include:

  • Name, address and telephone number for the veterinarian issuing the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI);
  • The CVI number;
  • Name, address and telephone number for the origin of the cattle; and
  • Name, address and telephone number for the destination of the cattle (destination refers to the physical location the cattle will be residing at and not a business or home address).

All cattle require an import permit except beef breed heifers under 18 months imported for feeding purposes, bulls under 10 months imported for feeding purposes, and steers or spayed heifers. If cattle are entering Minnesota for an exhibition, regardless of their age or breed, those animals will all require an import permit. All cattle entering a state-federal approved market from a farm in another state are exempt from the import permit requirement.

If you need a permit to import cattle, give us a call at 651-296-2942.