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Suspect Avian Influenza in your small flock?

  1. Call your veterinarian or the Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory (MPTL) at 320-231-5170. Avian influenza is a reportable disease. Positive tests for avian influenza will be reported to the Minnesota Board of Animal Health. Avian influenza testing sites in Minnesota are located at the MPTL in Willmar and the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in St. Paul.
  2. If your flock tests positive, a case manager from the Board of Animal Health or the USDA will be assigned to your premises. Case managers will be your advocate and guide you through the process of containing the virus so nearby flocks do not get infected. A watch area will be set around your premise, where all flocks within that area will be closely monitored. Response officials are not allowed to share your identity with anyone.