Rabies Alert:
Bovine in Pipestone County

A cow in Pipestone County tested positive for rabies on Friday, January 22. The animal went down on January 17 and caretakers had difficulty trying to get her to stand again. The cow also showed clinical signs of salivating and struggling to lift its head. The property owners recalled a skunk acting strangely in the area before it was killed three weeks earlier.

Other animals on the property are being evaluated for exposure, including: dogs, horses, swine, and cattle.

The Minnesota Department of Health did not advise post-exposure prophylaxis for anyone involved. Those who cared for the rabid cow wore gloves and were cautious when handling the animal.

This is the third rabid animal to be diagnosed in Minnesota in 2016, but the first domestic case. Two wild skunks also tested positive in Stearns and Becker Counties.