Rabid bat found in Benton County parking lot

A man and his son were in a Benton County parking lot when they discovered a bat, which later tested positive for the rabies virus. This case serves as a strong reminder to report all suspicious interactions between pets and … Continued

Goat confirmed positive in Stevens County

A Stevens County goat tested positive for rabies on November 8, 2019. This case is only the third confirmed rabies positive goat in Minnesota in the last 15 years. The other two positives were in Nobles County in 2013 and … Continued

Roseau County fox kit tests positive for rabies virus

A fox kit found on a Roseau County farm tested positive for rabies on July 5, 2019. The property owner reported that a month prior, an abnormally aggressive skunk wandered onto her farm and was killed by her three unvaccinated … Continued

Puppy tests positive in Pennington County

A 16-week-old puppy in Pennington County tested positive for rabies on Friday, September 21, 2018. Around July 1, the rabid puppy, a male Blue Heeler/Black Labrador Retriever, was attacked and bitten in the hind leg by a skunk while still … Continued

Pope County cat tests positive for rabies virus

Rabies transmission is still a risk despite cold weather. A six-year-old, male, outdoor cat in Pope County tested positive for rabies on January 3, 2018. This is the first domestic animal to test positive for rabies in 2018. The owners … Continued

Benton County horse tests positive for rabies virus

A horse in Benton County tested positive for rabies on July 24. The attending veterinarian initially examined the horse on July 18 and reported it was recumbent, but able to stand with assistance. Additional clinical signs included facial spasms, low … Continued

Pennington County kitten tests positive for rabies virus

A woman in Pennington County reported one kitten from a six-week-old litter meowing more noticeably than others on June 22. She picked up the kitten to investigate the meowing and was bitten. Later, the kitten began acting strangely, shaking and … Continued

Benton County cow tests positive for rabies virus

On November 27, a farm owner in Benton County noticed one of his beef cows was not eating well, salivating, and bellowing. The cow went down in the pasture on December 2 and was having difficulty moving. The owner said … Continued

Cat in Polk County

A homeowner in Polk County, who commonly feeds stray cats, noticed on May 19 that an eight week old kitten was unsteady, skittish, and acting abnormally. Both homeowners attempted to capture the kitten and both were bitten and scratched. This kitten is part … Continued

Bovine in Benton County

On April 1, several cattle on a Benton County farm killed a skunk, which tested positive for rabies on April 7. The owners reported skunks frequent their property and decided to rabies vaccinate the cattle on the farm. Vaccinations were completed 15 … Continued

Bovine in Pipestone County

A cow in Pipestone County tested positive for rabies on Friday, January 22. The animal went down on January 17 and caretakers had difficulty trying to get her to stand again. The cow also showed clinical signs of salivating and … Continued

Feline in Steele County

A Steele County kitten is the second feline to test positive for the rabies virus this year. The property where the kitten resided is home to about one dozen stray cats. Over a period of three days, the kitten bit … Continued

Heifer in Houston County

A heifer in Houston County tested positive for rabies on May 15th. The owners reported that the heifer was walking strangely before it went down and was then unable to get back up. When the heifer did not improve overnight, … Continued

Feline in Rock County

A feline in Rock County is the first domestic animal to test positive for the rabies virus this year. The cat lived outdoors amongst a colony of approximately two dozen other cats, and was not vaccinated against the rabies virus. … Continued

Feline in Roseau County

A feline in Roseau County is the first domestic animal to test positive for the rabies virus this year. This was an outdoor cat that was not vaccinated against the rabies virus and was part of a colony of about … Continued

Bovine in Lincoln County

A Lincoln County dairy farmer noticed one of his dairy cows appeared ill on Friday, December 27. His veterinarian examined the animal and immediately recognized the cow’s clinical signs, including the classic bellow, as a probable rabies case. The veterinarian … Continued

Cat in Red Lake County

A Red Lake County man took in a stray cat days before Christmas. The cat was kept kenneled in his home where he attempted to feed and nurse it back to health. After escaping the kennel, the cat scratched and … Continued

Bovine in Stearns County

 A Stearns County property owner noticed that one of his five-month old calves had begun showing some atypical behaviors on September 30. The property owner recalled seeing a skunk in the calf’s hutch sometime towards the end of July. The … Continued

Equine in Nobles County

On September 28, a Nobles County man noticed that his horse was not doing well. The horse was separated from other horses on the property and was lethargic, disoriented, and circling. The animal’s health continued to decline. The horse was … Continued

Bovine in Todd County

A farmer in Todd County noticed that one of his three-month-old bottle-fed calves was refusing to eat last Sunday. Skunks were seen around the property in mid-January, and the farmer recalled the barn smelling like skunk. The calf was euthanized … Continued

Goat in Nobles County

Two days before its death, a billy goat in Nobles County was observed by its owner to be ‘slow’ with a swollen rear leg. The owner had lost another billy goat with similar signs earlier in the week. After the … Continued

Horse in Mower County

The owner of a horse in Mower County was witness to a progressive illness in his horse last week. The horse was noted to be weak and had difficulty rising. The animal began head pressing and occasionally fell down until … Continued