The rulemaking process utilized by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health provides three opportunities for public involvement:

  1. When the Request for Comments (RFC) is published in the State Register, it communicates general ideas for the rulemaking. This is an opportunity for stakeholders to provide formal comments and input on the rulemaking ideas that may narrow or broaden the scope of the project. Stakeholder data or other relevant information can be submitted at this time. An example of information submitted could be relevant cost information for implementing the general ideas announced in the RFC. The Board encourages stakeholder participation at this early stage of the process so that relevant information can be considered as decisions that shape the rule are made.
  2. During this phase of the rulemaking, the Board generally develops a preliminary draft of rule language and makes it available for at least one informal public comment period. Throughout this phase, stakeholder meetings may be held and informal comments may be submitted.
  3. When a Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules is published, it signals the final opportunity for stakeholder input, unless a hearing is held. The published notice will indicate the relevant submittal deadlines. At this stage, a complete Statement of Need and Reasonableness (SONAR) and draft rule are made available for formal public comment.

The Board can proceed with a public hearing or without one. If held, the public hearing provides an additional formal opportunity for stakeholders to testify or submit written testimony in front of an Administrative Law Judge who presides over the hearing.

On completion, the Board will publish final adoption of rules. Most rules become effective five working days after they appear in the State Register.

Check with the agency contact person to inspect written comments, written requests for a public hearing, and names of parties who requested a public hearing.

Rule Number(s): Minnesota Rules chapters 1721.0270, 1721.0280, 1721.0290, 1721.0320, 1721.0344, 1721.0300, 1721.0310. Revisor No. R-04533

Subject Matter: Amending the rules governing poultry and Mycoplasma requirements for turkeys.

Brief Rule Summary: The proposed rules modify the Mycoplasma testing and/or classification requirements for turkeys, turkey poults and turkey hatching eggs to only be required for commercial turkey hatcheries and breeding flocks. The proposed rules would remove the requirements for small, backyard producers and hobbyists.

Attachments for download:

Agency Contact Person Current status of proposed rule and any agency determinations Next opportunity for public comment Timetable for adoption and other agency determinations Notices published (state register citations) Public hearing schedule
Shauna Voss



320-441-4055 or

First Request for Comments (RFC) was published on February 19, 2019. Comment period closed on April 22, 2019.

Second RFC published on June 24, 2019 and on July 22, 2019. Statement of Need and Reasonableness (SONAR) is available for public viewing.

Formal public comment period open from June 24, 2019 through August 21, 2019 at 4:30 p.m.

Comments may be sent directly to Dr. Shauna Voss or made on our eComments website through the Office of Administrative hearings.

Goal: Adopt rules summer 2019.

First RFC published in the State Register on 19 February 2019. (43 SR 24)

Second RFC, Proposed Rules, and Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules Without a Hearing published in the State Register on 24 June 2019 and on 22 July 2019. (43 SR 1454) and (44 SR 60)

To be determined, if 25 or more persons request a hearing during second RFC period.