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Protect Your Small Flock from Avian Influenza.

  1. Avoid contact and shared spaces between wild birds and waterfowl with your poultry. Song birds, sparrows, starlings, etc. are low risk. Cover and enclose outdoor feeding areas. Keep feed contained. Clean up feed spills. Reduce puddles and standing water. Avoid visiting ponds and streams, especially with pets.
  2. Limit or halt travel with your birds to sales, shows and swaps. Ensure you have clean hands, clothes, and footwear before handling your birds if you attend events. Do not allow others to handle your birds.
  3. Limit your birds’ visitors. If someone must visit your birds, discuss where they have been, have them wash their hands and wear clean clothes and footwear.

Call your veterinarian if your flock shows signs of influenza or you suspect exposure. No veterinarian? Call the Minnesota Avian Influenza Hotline at 833-454-0156.

You can also report sick domestic birds through our Sick Bird Report form.