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No person, firm, or corporation shall establish, maintain, conduct, or operate a kennel (as defined in Minnesota Statutes 347.31) within this state without first obtaining a license therefor from the board of animal health.

"Kennel" means any place, building, tract of land, abode, or vehicle wherein or whereupon dogs or cats are kept, congregated, or confined, if the dogs or cats were obtained from municipalities, pounds, auctions, or by advertising for unwanted dogs or cats, or dogs or cats strayed, abandoned, or stolen. "Kennel" does not include a pound owned and operated by any political subdivision of the state or a person's home where dogs or cats are kept as pets (347.31) and does not apply to any veterinarian licensed to practice in the state of Minnesota who keeps, congregates, or confines dogs or cats in the normal pursuit of the practice of veterinary medicine (347.40).

Licensing requirements under this statute do not apply to training and boarding facilities, animal day care facilities or groomers.

To obtain a kennel license, complete this application and submit a $15.00 annual license fee. The kennel must then be inspected by the Board of Animal Health to verify compliance with the requirements specified in Minnesota Statutes 347.31 to 347.40 and Minnesota rules 1721.0520.

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