Free tags discontinued and more stories

October 2017

Education and awareness opportunities aplenty!

September 2017

Salmonella warnings and World Rabies Day

August 2017

Delving into animal disease response and planning

July 2017

Do you prefer electronic or paper forms?

June 2017

Learn how to take a bite out of vet loans this month

May 2017

Do you need to attend any of these meetings?

April 2017

You’ll want to read this update from the Board

March 2017

Are you up to date with spring trainings?

February 2017

VFD: What does it mean to me?

January 2017

Where in the world is avian influenza?

December 2016

How can you repay veterinary student loans?

November 2016

New World Screwworm Found in the US

October 2016

New name approved for an influenza virus

September 2016

Watch out during the peak season of certain animal diseases

August 2016

What if an animal loses its official ID tag?

July 2016

Have you planned for an animal disease?

June 2016

Have you seen our Poultry Testing Lab’s renovation progress?

May 2016

Can the flu vaccine protect your flock? Protect your birds, protect yourself.

April 2016

H7N8 in Indiana, Bovine Trichomoniasis in South Dakota, Commercial APTA Course, Reporting of SECD, Value-Added Grants Available through MDA

January 25, 2015

MPTL Renovation, Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment, Minnesota Rural Veterinarian Loan Forgiveness, Equine Infectious Anemia Comment Period

December 21, 2015

Scrapie Rules and Program Standards, New Field Staff, New Board Member, VDL Updates, Canine Brucellosis Testing and Reporting, MN Grown Directory, Annual Report, Updated Rabies Submission Form, Quarterly Meeting Reminder

November 18, 2015

H3N2 Influenza in Dogs

May 27, 2015

Biosecurity, Official ID, Electronic EIA Submissions, NAHMS Swine Study Report, Johne’s Disease Testing, PED ELISA Test, Updated Rabies Submission Form, Updates to Import Regs

March 17, 2015

4-H Tags, Authorized Poultry Testing Agent Courses, Commercial Breeder Presentation at MVMA Meeting

January 13, 2015